Family of Elkhart man killed in hit-and-run searches for answers

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An Elkhart family is searching for answers after their son's death.

Police are looking for the driver of the car that hit him and drove away.

The hit-and-run happened last month.

26-year-old Jacob Callahan spent almost two weeks in the hospital before dying this past Sunday.

Now that the crash turned deadly, Jacob's family wants the people involved held accountable.

It was August 28th when police say a car driving along this stretch of County Road 4 hit Jacob Callahan. It was the day after he got out of jail.

“I didn’t get to see him when he got out, but I’m glad that I know that he was really wanting to change,” said Stacey Callahan, Jacob's mother.

Jacob's mother Stacey and father Ronald say Jacob's life was just beginning.

“He just wanted to change his life around,” said Ronald Callahan, Jacob's father. “He wanted to do good. He wanted to get off the streets. He wanted to make amends with his family.”

His family had the chance to talk to him while in hospital, but Jacob was unable to speak.

"I told him I loved him, and I said ‘Son, you’re going to pull through this, and the people who did this to you will come to justice,’” said his father.

Now that Jacob has died, his family is focusing their efforts on finding out what happened that night.

It's more than just the crash -- they know almost nothing about the last few hours of his life.

“We have no answers,” said his mother. “There’s that void right there of who he was with and who he talked to and what went down the last two hours of his life.”

His parents may know nothing, but they think someone knows something.

“Our society’s not going to get better until we stand together in order to help justice be taken,” said his mother. “That’s something we have to stand together for because obviously we don’t have answers. We can’t do it on our own.”

While they wait for answers, they are taking comfort in that fact that through organ donation Jacob has helped saved another life.

“He put his life out there and he saved one and that we are truly grateful to Jacob,” said his mother.

Police say evidence at the scene of the crash suggests the vehicle involved will have damage to the driver's side mirror.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department at (574) 891-2300.

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