Fans unhappy with long lines and supposed lack of food at NHL Winter Classic in ND stadium

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Were you one of the thousands of people who went to the NHL Winter Classic at Notre Dame stadium?

You no doubt noticed some long lines at the concession stands.

People were not too happy about the food and drinks at the game.

They say concession stands ran out of some of their items, but a spokesperson for Notre Dame says it's not what it seems.

Thousands of people were sporting their team's jerseys, filing into the Notre Dame Stadium for the hockey game on Tuesday, ready for an experience of a lifetime.

But that experience quickly took a turn when they took a trip to the concession stands and saw the lines.

“I tried to get a beer in the second half of the period and gave up after 20 minutes when the line didn’t move,” said Nick Wells/ Bruins Fan. “Everyone around us was complaining there was no food.”

People quickly took to social media saying Notre Dame did not prepare for the big event, tweeting specifically about the concession stands running out of food and beer.

“We had a younger couple and a kid come out and they said they had to leave early because there just wasn’t any food or drinks inside anymore and their kid was hungry,” said Robert Troup, who worked the game.

One woman says she missed part of the game just waiting in line for a hot dog.

“We missed the entire second period,” said Katie Petkac, who attended the game. “We waited for 45 minutes, spent $25 on food and didn’t get water.”

But spokesperson for Notre Dame Dennis Brown says people were under the wrong impression.

He says many of the concession stands that normally sell food were only selling beverages.

"We never ran out of beer,” said Brown. “Stands were restocked as beer was sold, per agreement with the NHL. No beer was sold after the second period. It may have looked like there was no beer, but that wasn't the case."

Although some people left the game frustrated, as they reflected on their experience, they say overall it was a good time.

“We don’t let anything get us down,” said one fan who attended the game. “We still had a good time, but I definitely thought they could have been more prepared.”

University spokesperson Dennis Brown says some locations did run out of an item or two -- which he says isn’t unusual -- but none of them were without food options.

He also says long lines are expected for large sporting events, comparing them to the long lines at last week's Cotton Bowl.

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