Feeser Elementary gets a library makeover


Thursday marked the beginning of the new school year for kids in Elkhart Community Schools.

A time for making new friends and learning new things.

For students at Feeser Elementary, it's time to see their library that's undergone a major makeover.

When students visited their library for the first time this school year they saw it had undergone a major transformation.

They saw bright colors, a vastly different seating arrangement, and even a miniature R.V. to sit in and read.

The project was funded by the non-profit Elkhart Education Foundation.

“So many elementary school libraries are created for older kids, it’s heavy furniture that's not easily moved, its mute colors, and quite spaces and that's just not how our students learn,” said Ashley Molyneaux, with the Education Foundation.

The new Feeser Learning Center was put in place in honor of former Feeser teacher, Nancy Gard.

While books are still a key component, so are new forms of technology and learning about cause and effect and collaboration.

“Cause we know that we are preparing our kids for their future, not our past,” said Molyneaux.

A color layout like this helps make learning fun. It can spark creativity and also put youngsters in a positive mood to enjoy what they are doing and get a lot out of it,” said Molyneaux.

“This is not your traditional library. This has now been transitioned into a learning space of technology, it’s just an amazing place for kids to come and learn,” said Feeser Principal, Micah Lambert.

“I like how it has the Legos and the technology, and I love books so I like all of the new books that are in there,” said fourth grader, Brendan Gardner.

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