Fire in Milton Township classified as a flash fire

Milton Township Fire// WSBT 22

Fire officials say a couple is lucky to be alive after a flash fire engulfed their house in a matter of minutes.

This happened Tuesday in Milton Township on Bertrand Road. That house is now a total loss.

Fire investigators were out all day Wednesday working to determine the cause of his fire.

Family of Brenda and Jerry Tedder say the only thing they care about-- is that they're ok.

“It's been here forever all the grandkids grew up here playing helping with the garden and just everything,” said granddaughter, Tiaira Tedder.

Even several hours after the fire, Tiara looked at what was left of her grandparent's home in disbelief. She was there moments after it happened.

“I thought my grandparents were in there and then I found out where they're at and I'm like oh OK they're OK,” she said.

Jerry and Brenda Tedder have lived here for more than 40 years.

Neighbors say they heard what sounded like a thump and looked out to see the Tedder's beloved home completely engulfed in flames. Luckily, neighbors also saw Brenda and Jerry outside and safe.

Fire officials say the fire probably spread in a matter of minutes. Officials say it was a flash fire--everything igniting at once.

Niles Township Fire Chief Gary Brovold says flash fires are sometimes caused by gas leaks.

There's different things that contribute to it but usually it will be a fuel product,” said Brovold.

Michigan State Fire Investigators are working to determine if that's the cause in this case.

A quarter of Jerry's body is covered in burns but his family says he's stable.

While it may seem like the family has lost a lot, they say they're feeling lucky.

“I'm glad they're okay-- that's all that matters you can always buy a new house you can't buy people,” Tiaira said.

“It could've turned out totally different in the fact that they got out is kind of a blessing and a miracle all-in one,” said Brovold.

A firefighter did go to the hospital for injuries to his leg but has since been released.

The Tedders had three dogs, two got out but one is still missing.

Jerry is being treated at the Bronson Burn Center in Kalamazoo. Family members say Brenda hasn't left his side since they were transported there.

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