Flooding damaged homes, but what about infrastructure?

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There's no doubt flooding affected homes throughout our area, but what about city infrastructure?

One of the worst-hit areas in the city of Elkhart was along the St. Joseph River at Sherman Street.

The Sherman Street Bridge closed during the flooding. It hasn't reopened in the month since the floodwaters began to rise.

Elkhart's fire chief says if the damage on this bridge is irreparable, replacing it could cost tens of millions of dollars.

He says the city is now in the process of documenting every bit of damage it saw from the flooding.

He says all in all there were 800 structures that suffered water damage.

That includes homes, garages, city buildings and bridges.

He says Sherman Street bridge is the last bridge to remain closed.

He says it's a pretty busy thoroughfare. And it's going to be awhile before everyone can resume to normalcy, including fire and police -- since it's near the hospital.

Chief Carey isn't sure when the bridge will reopen.

He says the river is still moving quickly and until the state can bring people to dive under the water and check out the infrastructure, it will remain closed.

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