Following setback in South Bend, pro-life clinic plans to move forward

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Women's Care Center in South Bend says it's not giving up. The anti-abortion group couldn't get enough votes on the Common Council to override the mayor's veto last night... That means they can't locate next to a proposed clinic that would offer abortion services on Lincolnway West.

This topic has spurred a lot of controversy, but in the end, Mayor Pete Buttigieg says it was about what's best for the neighborhood, and the South Bend Common Council stood by that decision.

Now, leaders at the Women's Care Clinic are making plans to move forward.

Jenny Hunsberger, the vice president of Women's Care Center, says the Council's vote is a setback.

"We are saddened that care for women and families on the west side of South Bend got caught up in politics,” said Hunsberger.

Buttigieg says it's potential trouble that he didn't want in that neighborhood.

"It was about whether we should change the zoning law in order to put these two groups right in each other's faces,” he said. “In my judgement, it wasn't the right thing to do.”

Now, the question for Women's Care Center is, what's next?

Hunsberger says it's in the hands of the board. It will meet over the next few weeks.

"Decisions haven't been made yet about what happens with that property, but what we know is that with the leadership of our board, really great things will happen for South Bend and the women of this community. We will move forward.”

Buttigieg says he'll work with the center to find a different location.

"If this is really about serving women, if this is really about creating more options for women, pick another site,” Buttigieg said. "There are a lot to choose from and we are happy to help."

But for now, the center will continue to operate business as normal.

“Women will walk through our doors and we will be here to continue to care for them and serve them,” said Hunsberger.

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