Former clients react to Granger veterinarian verdict

Perusek (far right) // WSBT 22 photo

Does the punishment fit the crime? That's the question some are asking after a state board put a Granger veterinarian's license on probation.

Jennifer Perusek will be on probation for two years. A couple of her former clients are speaking out about the final decision.

Dozens of animals were listed in a 16-page document detailing alleged abuse toward pets. But even before the Indiana Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners investigated Perusek, some pet owners believed she was innocent.

"We have never had any issues with her,” said Wendy Meller. “She has done nothing but treat our pets with compassion and caring. She gets on the floor with them. Plays with them.”

Meller took her two dogs and three cats to the Animal Clinic of Granger for more than 10 years. She was shocked when she heard Perusek was being investigated for hitting, choking and dragging animals.

After a four-day hearing, a state board put Perusek's license on a two-year probation. That's primarily for using expired medications and sterilization issues.

The board says there was no proof Perusek abused animals.

"To me, if they are really that upset with those accusations they would have done something about it a lot sooner,” said Meller. “And you wouldn’t have seen a lot of the same staff.”

The 16-page document stated that Perusek kicked and kneed a mastiff owned by Diana Hatch.

Hatch says she is very disappointed in the outcome because she was not held accountable for her actions.

She still insists her dog has multiple issues from the abuse.

Perusek's attorney released a statement today saying, "Dr. Perusek is grateful to the Indiana Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for conducting this proceeding professionally and fairly for the parties and witnesses, for devoting their time and attention to this case on several exceptionally long days and for the decision that they reached."

Meller says she has switched her pet's care to a nearby vet where many of Perusek's staff relocated.

But Meller will miss the way Perusek cared for her pets.

“And I just feel like somebody had a vendetta against her and it’s just not fair. She is losing her whole practice and her whole life has been turned upside down because of it.”

Again, the board found there was no proof that Perusek abused any animals. Perusek says she has no plans to open another clinic or return to private practice.

For now, she will continue to pursue other interests outside of veterinary medicine for the foreseeable future.

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