CRIME WATCH: Elkhart Police Department warns against skimming


The Elkhart Police Department says two men are suspected of using an ATM to withdraw other people's money.

Police say a skimming device was used to steal information from debit cards.

On Saturday two different people discovered money was missing from their bank accounts.

WSBT 22 spoke with one of them who did not be want to be on camera, but wanted to share his story in hopes this doesn't happen to someone else.

"You feel very violated because you know somebody has basically forced their way in and stolen something of yours,” said the victim.

He and his wife first realized something was wrong when they went to pay for lunch Saturday afternoon. Their card was declined.

"We checked our app and found out that $400 had been taken out of our account between the time that we left home and went to eat lunch," said a skimming victim.

They later discovered they had been the victim of a skimming device.

Skimmers are card readers that are placed on real devices like ATMs.

His wife remembers an ATM that seemed odd.

"She was getting kind of frustrated with how long it was taking and she seemed to have trouble even trying to get money out of the ATM,” said a skimming victim.

Sergeant Chris Snyder with the Elkhart Police Department says that's the kind of thing you need to watch out for.

"Look at the machine. Does it look like it’s been tampered with? Are there things that look out of place? Feel free to wiggle things around,” said Snyder.

He says if something seems out of place, don't use the ATM and call police.

Another important tip is protecting your PIN.

"It's harder for them to use the cards if they don't have your PIN number. Always make sure you're covering up that keypad,” said Snyder.

Police are looking for two men described as being in their 20s .

While the search continues, their victim wants others to stay alert.

"It can happen to you and at the point it's happening to you, you won't know. You just want to be as diligent and in the electronic age trying to be as diligent about the way that you're going about doing your financial transactions,” said a skimming victim.

That man worked with his bank and was able to recover the $400.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Elkhart Police Department at 574-295-7070.

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