Freedom Day USA offers free check-ups for veterans at some Indiana dentist offices

WSBT 22 photo

Dentists across the country offered free check-ups for veterans today.

It was part of Freedom Day U.S.A., a thank you event where dental teams give back to the military.

Only four dentists in Indiana took part -- one in South Bend.

They provided free cleanings, x-rays and fillings.

Staff at Dr. Lovan's practice says many veterans don't qualify for VA (Veterans Affairs) dental care or claim it's inadequate.

They say unless someone is 100 percent disabled, the VA doesn't cover dental care.

"A lot of them have a lot of missing teeth," said Lori Nine, dental hygienist. "Some haven’t had their teeth cleaned in many, many years. They could be struggling with gum disease, missing teeth, broken teeth."

“It’s really great that they are doing this," said Ron Thorpe, Vietnam veteran. "We really appreciate them donating their time and service for veterans.”

They hope that more dentists will get involved next year.

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