Fulton community holds prayer service to heal after tragic Rochester crash

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The Fulton County community is still in shock after three siblings were killed crossing State Road 25 to get on a school bus.

Tonight (Thursday), people from the community came together as one to show support.

The community held a prayer service in Mentone.

They gathered at a local Methodist church to find comfort and healing after Tuesday's tragedy.

We were not allowed into the church with a camera, but we did sit in on the service and felt the heavy emotion inside the sanctuary.

A community vigil was supposed to take place at the Mentone Youth League tonight but was postponed until tomorrow night, due to bad weather conditions.

Despite the weather, people still showed up to the prayer service.

The mayor spoke to the community along with local pastors. They emphasized how faith will help heal the sadness the community feels right now.

During the service, everyone in the sanctuary came to the front and lit a candle in remembrance of the three children who died.

“You never know what you have until something tragic happens and to see the community pull together like this, there’s not a word for the loss,” said Debra Fernandez of Rochester.

“For all parties involved, it’s been a very tragic situation,” said Chris Sailors, Fulton County Sheriff. “We are just trying to get through this. It’s going to take a while to heal.”

Many tears were shed, but many people left feeling relieved they live in a community where everyone supports one another.

“Don’t let it stop here,” said Fernandez. “When we leave tonight, reach out to these families. Reach out to anyone involved, from the bus driver to the kids on the bus. each out to anyone. Don’t let it stop. Keep going.”

The candlelight vigil will take place tomorrow night at the Mentone youth league at 7 p.m.

We're told some family members of the three children will be there, and anyone from the public is welcome to attend.

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