Funeral service held for the people who died in Berrien County motel fire

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Friends and family gathered to remember the six lives lost during the early morning hours of July 28 where a fire quickly spread through the Cosmo Extended Stay Motel in Benton Harbor.

The power of faith swept through Greater Community Christian Fellowship Church Saturday.

The family said this is the toughest experience they have ever had to go through but hey are thankful for the upmost support from the community.

"Kiarre was known for her friendly nature and outspoken personality. She was the life of the party, always making people laugh," said Marilyn Jones, church supervisor.

"To see the out pour of the family and the community and all of the support that came today was truly amazing and it gave us great hope and great strength," said Bruce A. McCoy, Kiarre's uncle.

Many hugs shared as people filed into the church to celebrate life.

"What's happening is a great tragedy and we all went into tears. The community is still suffering. The community is still in tears just as well as the family, but I think we are coming along strong and doing good," said McCoy.

People lifted their hands in praise as everyone turned to their faith to help them through this tough time.

"Even though a tragedy has happened, we are a people of faith and people of belief and know that God is our greatest strength, and God is our greatest help and we going to get through," said McCoy.

Bruce McCoy is Kiarre's Uncle. He spoke powerful words during the eulogy.

"It was very difficult. And I tried not to go too long, but just kind of speak not just to their character in life but to the community and to the people that were there," said McCoy.

The service ended with an amen as everyone walked out of the church to say their goodbyes.

Survivors Samuel Curtis and 1-year-old daughter were there Saturday.

They ask for continued support during their healing process.

The family set up a GoFundMe page.

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