Garbage truck driver plays basketball with kids on his shift

Garbage truck driver plays basketball with kids on his shift. // WSBT 22 photo

A garbage truck driver is going out of his way to put smiles on kids' faces.

Instead of just picking up trash, the Borden Waste-Away Service driver has fun on his shift by playing basketball with some of the neighborhood kids.

He plays ball with the kids every Wednesday.

Even on his busy days Jerry Maholmes takes a few minutes to shoot some hoops with the kids before they go to school.

There's a lot of trash talking that goes on in a neighborhood in Goshen every Wednesday and it's during a game of basketball with the garbage man.

Jerry Maholmes whose been a driver for Borden Waste-Away Service for more than 15 years says he enjoys playing with these kids.

"It's been like a month or so I see them out here shooting ball all the time, so I decided to join in and have a little fun," said Maholmes.

Maholmes hops out of the truck, the kids throw him the ball and he shoots some free throws and the kids love it.

"I like how he air balls it but we get it for him but then we pass it back to him and he keeps shooting but he never really makes it," said Leatherman.

"I like it. It's fun better than being downstairs playing PlayStation," said Elliot.

Maholmes gets just as involved in the game as the kids do.

"I like how he always says 'One more, one more,' but actually he always does more than one he says one more." said Leatherman.

Maholmes only plays with the kids for about two minutes, but he says it has a big impact on his day.

"This is the beginning of the morning for me and for some reason after I leave here, I'm pumped up a little bit," said Maholmes.

Maholmes says even though he stops to play with the kids, he's never late to his next stops.

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