Goshen College gets a new president

Rebecca Stoltzfus // WSBT 22 photo

Goshen College has a newly-installed president as of Saturday night.

Rebecca Stoltzfus was inaugurated Saturday, becoming the 18th president in school history.

Stoltzfus's induction was accompanied by music and the singing of the alma mater. Students and staff took pride in the moment and are excited about what the college's future holds.

"I think she's really familiar with what Goshen College wants to do and she has that knowledge and passion to keep Goshen College on the path that we want to be on. And bring the energy to keep us being a really inclusive and open place for people to be."

A graduate of 1983, Stoltzfus has strong roots with Goshen College, including following in her father Victor's footsteps. A former president himself."

“It gave me a sense of realism about the position,” Stoltzfus said. “The challenges and demands and difficulties, but also the joy and inspiration that a leadership positions like this can give a person."

“Her mother and I take satisfaction in how she has developed as a leader,” said Victor Stoltzfus

Stoltzfus wants to modernize facilities on campus as well as other goals.

“Grow enrollment and increase the access to Goshen College for Indiana residents and local residents and people around the world. And perhaps pursue some new programs that would help students prepare for the job market."

The school's study abroad program has strong connections globally. She wants to continue bringing the community closer to other cultures.

"I think we will be innovating with ways that we tap into local diversity,” she said.

Stolzfus says she is honored to accept the position and sees a tough but bright future ahead.

Financial struggles have caused some small liberal art colleges in Indiana and around the country to close. Stoltzfus says she does not believe that will happen at Goshen College

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