Goshen non-profit receives grant for city issued ID cards

Goshen non-profit receives grant for city issued ID cards// WSBT 22

A non-profit organization in Goshen recently started a program to provide an ID card for those in the Maple City who don't have access to one.

It's known as the Goshen Resident Identification Card or GRID program. At this point, 200 people have already applied-for and received one.

Word of the GRID program is spreading around Goshen. Staffers at the Center for Healing and Hope, at the Plymouth United Church of Christ, are providing the ability to help people register for the card.

Anyone, of any age, who lives in Goshen can apply for one.

The group recently got a $10,000 grant from a foundation in Kansas City.

“We're excited about it, it’s really helpful with all the other community support that has come in. For the Goshen Resident ID Project, this was sort of the big gift that helps us,” said Bryan Mierau.

The grant will help cover the costs of staffing and registration for the program. It will also cover the $25 cost for the ID for those who can't afford it.

The ID card cannot be used as a driver’s license or as a voter ID. But it can be used as an ID for utility bills and is recognized by all Goshen city services

It can also be also be used for prescriptions, going to the bank, and visiting children at a public schools.

“And I think beyond those kind of like immediate needs, I think it does provide a sense of pride and being a resident of Goshen. To say that this is my proof that I live here, that I am a valid part of this community,” said Immigrant Resource Coordinator, Dominique Chew.

To date, there has been a steady flow of people stopping by to learn about, apply for, and receive an identification card for the City of Goshen. The registration process started at the beginning of December.

They hope to have a minimum of 1,500 cards processed in 2018.

The Goshen ID card also provides discounts at several area businesses.

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