Government shutdown impacts Coast Guard

Coast Guard training continues// WSBT 22

The government shutdown has the Coast Guard watching for an update.

Currently, 25 members are stationed out of Michigan City and remain active in case of emergencies.

"We are still able to respond," says Petty Officer Luis Morales. "We're still here 24/7 to respond to an emergency case, if somebody is in trouble. Anything like that we are still here."

Morales is stationed out of Michigan City. He says right now, all purchasing is on hold for the Coast Guard in terms of supplies, gear or equipment.

But the bigger concern hits closer to home.

"The only way this would affect us personally, if there is no budget our February first paycheck won't come in so we won't get paid for the first," said Morales. "We all have a house, mortgage, rent, bills to pay. We are optimistic in the next working days they will pass something and give us an answer."

Morales says he and other members of the military went thru a similar scenario back in 2013.

"At the end of the day we signed a contract and we all have to serve and do our duties regardless of pay or not," said Morales.

The members of the Coast Guard are anxiously watching what is happening in Washington DC this weekend.

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