Grammy nominee's dad speaks of gospel music roots

Joseph Habedank // Photo provided

Perhaps no one in our area was watching the Grammy's more closely than a dad in Sturgis, Michigan.

Ed Habedank says he was glued to the TV.

That's because his son was in the audience, his son Joseph Habedank was nominated for Best Roots Gospel Album.

He ended up losing to Reba McIntyre, but his dad is proud nonetheless.

"He used to sing when he was five. When he was little, he'd walk around the house singing all the time. It was always what he wanted to do,” said Ed.

At the Habedank home, religion is central. Christmas decorations are still up and a bible sits open on the table.

The gospel music playing from their laptop, sung by their eldest son Joseph.

Ed says it runs in the family.

"I think I actually can sing but he grew up, my family sang and his mother's family sang. We used to sing in church, so he grew up around music,” said Ed.

When Joseph approached his dad as a teenager saying he wanted to sing for a living, dad was hesitant.

"At first I was like, I told him I said, I kind of discouraged him a little bit, I said singing is very difficult to get into,” said Ed.

Joseph proved he could make it. When news of his Grammy nomination spread, Ed had construction plans.

"I think I called him that night and told him you're going to have to add on to your house and get a bigger trophy room,” said Ed.

While this time Joseph may not have left with a trophy, his dad is confident there will be a next time.

"I sure I'm biased because I'm his dad,” said Ed. "Joseph's all heart. You can tell by his music when he performs. His music writing is his heart and soul pouring out. His music is what he actually is,” said Ed.

Ed says he and his wife had hoped to be in New York for Sunday's awards, but they gave up their tickets so other family members could go.

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