Granger teen collects books for foster kids in the community


A kind gesture can really make a difference.

A Granger teen is using several shelves full of those gestures to support foster kids in the community.

It started as a project through Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest badge girls can earn in the program.

So when the 16-year-old had to come up with an idea, she chose something that helped her become the person she is today.

Katie Lo has always been nose deep in books. Constantly learning about new characters and worlds.

“I know a lot of my character has been influenced by book characters, because when you are reading you are completely immersed in the protagonist thinking. Their mannerisms or reasoning behind their actions,” said Katie Lo.

It was through her Girl Scout project Lo decided to share her passion with foster kids.

“It was a community that I knew I would be able to affect because you know we have a closet near us. It was also a community that I wanted to make sure that had books,” said Lo.

Lo collected books through Facebook community groups and others willing to donate for the cause.

After three months, she had plenty of books to give to the foster closet located at North Point Vineyard Church.

“I was very excited to see somebody, especially a young person in the community, is as excited as I am about providing things for the foster care community,” said Tarynn Busfield, Foster Closet coordinator.

Busfield says the foster closet gets a lot of donations each week, but they don't get a lot of books.

Busfield says having these available puts a smile on the kids’ faces.

“Kids pretty much run right into the toy section and books and they are like digging through and finding everything that they want. They are like ‘I really wanted this at the store.’ I'm like ‘You can have it,’” said Busfield.

No matter what these foster kids face, Lo hopes to bring a little adventure while in their temporary homes.

“The ability to become more creative I want to say. And just kind of explore and learn,” said Lo.

She will continue to restock books at that foster closet.

Lo is hoping that she can expand the idea.

WSBT 22 asked her if she received her Gold Award, she told us the paper work is still being processed.

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