Greene Township in favor of leaving South Bend schools

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It's an effort that could impact where students in St. Joseph County's Greene Township attend school.

Some parents want to leave South Bend Schools and move to John Glenn.

It was sparked by South Bend's decision to close Greene School as part of a reorganization plan.

Wednesday, a meeting was held to inform people what the township has been working on.

Almost all of the parents who attended the meeting Wednesday are in favor of changing districts.

Many people in the township said they are not happy there is no longer a public school in the area.

John Glenn schools are a much closer option for them.

Sandra Ort, Greene Township trustee, said she reached out to John Glenn School Corporation and it is interested in the township.

If the two school districts do not agree to the changes, residents would have to petition the state for a ballot question.

"We want to see what the people want to do for the future. To secede from the school corporation or do what we are doing and get an idea of what the residents want to do and we will go from there," said Ort.

A spokesman for South Bend schools said the district looks forward to keeping the Greene students in the district.

He said the programs the district provides are unrivaled in the area.

The state provides more than $6,000 per pupil in funding.

Ort said the process to secede could take more than two years.

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