Habitat for Humanity plans for Carter Work Project

Carter Work Project// WSBT 22

Workers are making progress on the Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project site in Mishawaka.

The first roof tops installed in November are giving workers a good head start in the Spring.

Hundreds of volunteers will descend on our area this Summer.

Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County has already laid the ground work. It has to raise millions of dollars to fund the project.

Friday, it got some help from a local real estate group.

The foundation for the houses at the new subdivision near Jefferson Boulevard and Byrkit Avenue are in, the basements poured, some electric work has been done and underground utility hookups were installed before the worst of the winter weather hit.

By the end of 2018 about 21 families will be able to call one of these houses, home.

So far, more than half have been chosen to be a part of the program.

"When someone becomes a homeowner we find that it strengthens families. It also gives them stability that they didn't have before, and it helps them become more self-reliant,” said Jim Williams, Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County Executive Director.

The Greater South Bend-Mishawaka Association of Realtors raised more than $33,000 for the 2018 Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project.

The organization hopes to raise more money for the project-- setting a goal of $100,000.

"We are part of the real estate community, so we want to help provide housing especially for people in our community,” said Senior Mortgage Loan Officer, Jan Edwards.

So far, Habitat has raised $3.5-million. Williams says they appreciate the donation.

"In my eight years at Habitat, I don't think we've had too many fundraisers that have individually raised that much money,” said Williams.

In total, the subdivision has 40 lots-- 21 will be built for families in need and the rest sold.

"That subdivision, that little community by the time it's all done is going to be a very diverse neighborhood of income levels and background,” Williams said.

In March, people can start registering for the build. It’s scheduled for the last week in August.

Habitat will need 250 volunteers per day and by the end of the year 20 families will be able to call these new houses, home.

Jimmy and Rosaylnn Carter plan to take part in the build.

Habitat also has 17 projects going on in South Bend, those will be completed before the build week.

For more information on how to volunteer click here:

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