Health insurance changes may make filing your taxes more difficult


If you ask accountants, they will tell you that people will see some changes when they file their taxes this year.

"Well there's one big tax change this year for individuals and that's the tax requirement under the Affordable Care Act," said Dan Osberger, a CPA with Oasis Financial.

"There have been, I think 45 or 46 changes to the tax law that have to deal with the Affordable Care Act and how it's handled on your tax return," said Chuck Bultinck, a tax advisor with H&R Block in Mishawaka.

One of the major changes for taxpayers this year will be showing they have health insurance. Government officials say this should be pretty easy for most people.

"For anyone filing their taxes, they're just going to check a simple box that says 'I have health insurance,' that's all they need to do," said Kathleen Falk, the regional director for the US Department of Health and Human Services.

But that's not the only problem that taxpayers might have this year. There have been staffing shortages at the IRS as well.

"They're telling taxpayers basically, if you can't figure it out from the website,, you're kind of on your own as to how you're going to figure it out," Osberger said.

One of bit of good news, there are a lot of businesses willing to help when it comes to filing your taxes.

"It's always helpful to seek out a tax professional," Osberger said. "Just milk us for some ideas on how maybe you can reduce your taxes."

"If you're not sure, give us a call," Bultinck said. "We'll help you out and tell us what you probably will need."

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