Hear from the Republican candidates running for Elkhart County prosecutor


We're just days away from Indiana's primary election. Candidates are making a final push for your vote.

We are highlighting the Republican candidates running for Elkhart County prosecutor.

Incumbent Vicki Becker is facing challenger, attorney Martin McCloskey.

These two disagree on a lot of issues, but both claim that they have what it takes to hold the highest law enforcement office in the entire county.

Becker is running for her first elected term as prosecutor. She replaced Curtis Hill when he was elected Indiana's attorney general in 2016.

"I have loved this top role. It helps me see things from a different perspective," she said.

Her opponent is attorney Martin McCloskey, a former Elkhart County commissioner and police officer.

"When citizens vote for me, they will be electing a prosecuting attorney who will measure his performance by the only measure that really counts…am I making Elkhart County safer? Everything else is secondary,” McCloskey said.

Becker says her administration has been very aggressive in handling cases.

“We cannot make decisions based on emotion, based on the knee-jerk reaction,” she said. “We have to be objective. We absolutely can only make decisions based on evidence and that is something he's never had the opportunity to do. I have.”

McCloskey, citing information from the FBI's 2016 uniform crime report, says Elkhart is the 23rd most violent city in the United States.

He says if elected he would increase the conviction rate of those who go to trial, ensure convictions are not overturned and provide better training for deputies and law enforcement.

Becker cites her 20 years of criminal prosecution experience.

"I have really done just about all types of cases, all types of constitutional challenges,” she said. “I train law enforcement. I have great working relationship with ever other aspects of the criminal justice system. That is something only I can say as a candidate."

Becker says under her administration Elkhart County has seen a drug court and metro homicide unit created.

She says they have also brought in over $23 million in child support payments.

McCloskey says if elected he will report both his office's successes and failures.

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