High school girls take part in video challenge to help spread importance of confidence

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    High school girls in Southwest Michigan are wanting to spread the importance of confidence.

    They've taken part in a Born Beautiful Challenge video challenging every girl to embrace their natural beauty.

    “Doing this shoot it's going to bring out everyone’s insecurities,” said Shaelyn Bundy.

    Ten high schoolers were challenged to do a photo shoot without makeup or styling their hair to just be their natural selves.

    “We wanted to be able to show anybody that rather like who they are if they decide to wear makeup or not wear makeup. They’re beautiful with who they are,” said Bundy.

    Bundy was one of the girls who participated in this photo shoot.

    “I was a little scared. I have some insecurities. Some girls they’re so afraid to go without makeup,” said Bundy.

    Bundy says this video is so important today because of everyone's focus on their social media presence.

    “There’s so many apps now these days that can help fix your blemishes, which is all normal to everybody. Everybody has acne. It’s their choice to embrace it or hide it,” said Bundy.

    All of the girls were told to write down some things they liked about one another and those reactions were priceless.

    The girls say most of the compliments they received were things they were insecure about.

    “One of my biggest insecurities were my freckles because I had so many. But all of them said I love your freckles,” said Mandy Jones.

    Those little compliments made all the difference.

    “Knowing that other people see you like that and not just yourself or your family,” said Jones.

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