HIGHLIGHTS: Trump rally at South Bend's Century Center


Tuesday voters in Indiana head to the polls.

But Monday, Donald Trump made an 11th hour plea to area voters. His rally at the Century Center brought in thousands of supporters.

As many as 12,000 people were expected to attend. Thousands showed up, but we don't have an exact count at this time. Trump estimated there were 6,000-8,000 people at the rally.

Hundreds of people also showed up to take part in anti-Trump protests before and during the rally.

Read more about the protesters.

Read more about the supporters.

Donald Trump's speech felt a lot more like a victory speech than your normal, run of the mill stump speech."Here's what you have to do. You have to vote. We gotta keep this movement going. We will make America great again, maybe greater than ever before," Trump said."He's somebody that says 'I have more money and I don't need your pressure, I don't need your whatever, I'm going to do what's right for this country' and I think there's a whole lot of people who are tired of it and I think the establishment on both sides are scared to death," said supporter, Ed Fry.While Trump did highlight a lot of his familiar talking points --"We're going to build the wall, don't even worry about it. We're going to talk about the wall. We're going to build the wall, we're going to stop drugs from pouring in and poisoning our people...."There's was one topic, or rather one person, that got the most attention."I got this guy Cruz...lying ted.." Trump said. "I think he's crazy. Honestly. I think he's crazy. Lying ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. He's choking like a dog because he's losing so badly, so we have to put him away. You gotta get out and vote.""He's arrogant, a little bombastic. But the fact is he tells it like it is and says what needs to be said," said supporter, Daniel Holmes.

Trump really drifted from topic to topic during the speech. But the biggest chunk of it was attacking his opponents -- not just Ted Cruz.

He brought up Jeb Bush, who has been out of the race for several months now a couple of times.We spoke to a member of the national media who's been following Trump all across Indiana -- he says he's never seen a speech where Trump attacks his opponents so often.

Security was tight. South Bend's police chief says his department worked with the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies to ensure things stay safe.

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