Homes for Heroes: Program assisting public service workers comes to Elkhart

A national program that honors police and firefighters is now making its way to Elkhart.

Homes for Heroes allows public safety workers to buy homes at a discount. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony today to symbolize the program now making its way to Elkhart County.

The program came to St. Joseph County three years ago. "From the success that we've had with St. Joe County, we've been asked to expand that to Elkhart County and that's what we are doing now," said Jim Mckinnies, a Home for Heroes affiliate.

The program helps not just current or former police and firefighters, but considers military, teachers, healthcare workers and EMS workers heroes, too.

The organization presented a check-of-sorts of $200,000 to represent just how much heroes have saved within the Northern Indiana area in the past three years.

"Well with just everything that's happening with us in our nation we feel that what police officers and firefighters, and military, just everybody, what they do within our community needs to be appreciated." Said Mckinnies.

Elkhart Mayor, Tim Neese agreed that appreciation is what the program aims to get across. "We have singled out first responders, teachers, people in the emergency room, as an example to let them know that the city of Elkhart appreciates what they do," said Neese. "We want them to be acknowledged and feel appreciated."

So far, over 100 public safety workers have utilized the program.

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