Hoosiers to vote on putting hunting rights in state constitution

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Making the right the right to hunt or fish a permanent prerogative in Indiana. On November 8 a public question on the ballot will ask if voters want Hoosier hunting rights "forever" preserved in the state constitution.

“It seems like a logical idea so someone in the future can't take it away from us,” Dan Hummel says.

Nineteen other states have adopted the amendment hunter Dan Hummel supports. But those who oppose it say the bill goes hunting for a threat that doesn't exist.

"This is a waste of our state's time, effort and money to expend this energy and effort to guarantee a privilege which has not been challenged,” Says Anne Reel, executive producer of the Elkhart County Humane Society. “There are certainly more critical issues in our state that deserve the attention of our legislators."

The amendment also says hunting and fishing would be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources also says... rules they enforce won't be affected if the ballot question is approved. In a statement a DNR spokesperson says:

“The unique clause in the amendment stipulates (...) that right is "subject only to the laws prescribed by the general assembly." In other words, our statutory authority to manage fish and wildlife would not be impacted.”

The NRA says, they support the amendment.

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