Humane Society of Elkhart County gets a new facility


Animals in Elkhart County looking for forever homes have a new shelter to help them do that.

Staff say the new building will mean healthier, happier pets.

"I just love cats so it's very rewarding just to come and pet the kitties and play with them,” said volunteer, Marcia Campbell.

A love of animals is what brings most volunteers and staff to the Humane Society of Elkhart County.

That's why shelter leaders decided it was time to move to a new facility. The old place is half the size and a lot more stressful for the animals.

"Our cats and dogs in the adoption center were right next to each other, so our poor cats constantly heard the dogs barking and it was so stressful,” said Executive Assistant, Janet Graham.

"It's a more relaxed atmosphere and I think the quietness is really good for them,” said Campbell.

Now, the cats have their own space and the dogs have a place to run.

Graham says the old shelter had problems.

“The air filtration system was the same throughout the whole building and with that problem, your diseases that came in with a stray or ill animal can easily be spread to an adoption animal,” said Graham.

She says healthier animals are easier to adopt.

"To come in and see a cat with a little bit of a cold or something, that's not going to be a winning image you want to take with you. Keeping them healthier and happier, they're going to be more friendly, more outgoing,” she said.

Staff say the building itself could also help find animals homes.

"It was dark pretty much and they really like the light here. It's so much nicer,” Campbell said.

"The building is more inviting. We've got a large training room here a beautiful front lobby. It's an inviting building where you want to come in,” Graham said.

She says there's still a lot of work to be done to get the new shelter ready. But she doesn't seem to mind.

Graham says there are more than 300 animals here right now -- from cats and dogs, to bunnies and snakes.

She says she's already seeing the difference in those pets, saying they're more calm and comfortable.

For more information about the shelter, visit

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