Indiana lawmakers question governor's tolling decisions


SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) -- Northern Indiana lawmakers are calling into question Gov. Eric Holcomb's decision against imposing new tolls on the state's interstate highways, while allowing the Indiana Toll Road's private operator to significantly boost rates for trucks using that highway.

Democratic Sen. Karen Tallian of Portage tells the South Bend Tribune that the situation is unfair because only the communities in northern Indiana along the Toll Road will have the burden of higher tolls, while all parts of the state will benefit from the toll money.

Holcomb announced in September that the Toll Road's operator would increase truck tolls by 35 percent in exchange for $1 billion for state infrastructure improvements over the next several years.

Holcomb's administration says northern Indiana will receive a fair share of the infrastructure spending.


Information from: South Bend Tribune,

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