Interactive map shows location of former meth labs


Law enforcement seizes more meth labs in Indiana than anywhere else in the country. Even after the labs are gone, and the property has been cleaned, there can be some hidden dangers.

"Often, lithium batteries and various household chemicals are used, and they reach to each other in an active meth lab," said Dan Goldblatt with the Department of Environmental Management. "The residual can be very dangerous to breath and can be hazardous to your family."

"There is a set protocol to re-mediate contaminated houses," said Sgt. Don McCay with the Indiana State Police. "But people need to be aware what's been where they are potentially going to live."

To increase that awareness, the Indiana State Police released an interactive map showing exactly where an active meth lab was seized dating back to 2007.

Even though every property on the map has been cleaned and certified by the Department of Environmental Management, officials say it's still important for new homeowners to be aware of any potential problems they might have at their new home.

"It helps citizens and potential property owners to have an idea of what's been around them at least of where meth labs have been located," McCay said. "It gives them an idea of where they need to be more aware."

"You know, whenever yiou're buying your house you should do your due diligence," Goldblatt said. "Make sure it was not used as a meth lab, there's no guarantee that just because a house isn't on our list, it wasn't used as a meth lab, it just wasn't reported to us."

Officials point out this is a tool that the public and officials can use as they battle meth.

"Meth is a problem," McCay said. "We're going to keep fighting it and hope that the public helps us do it."

The website also includes sites that are not technically considered a property, such as cars.

Properties aren't listed until at least 180 days after they've been seized by law enforcement and no more than 90 days after they've been certified as clean by IDEM.

A clandestine lab that is not listed on the website may have either not been reported to the Indiana State Police or not reviewed by the police.

A link to the website can be found here:

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