FULL INTERVIEWS: Hear from the Democratic St. Joseph County sheriff candidates

The St. Joseph County sheriff candidates. // WSBT 22 photo

There's a lot of competition in campaign 2018 to be the top cop in St. Joseph County.

Term limits prevent Sheriff Mike Grzegorek from running again.

Three men want to be the Democratic nominee to replace him.

There's a lot of experience among these men.

St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Commander Tim Corbett, Assistant St Joseph County Police Chief Bill Thompson and St. Joseph County Lieutenant Bill Redman are all police veterans.

All three believe they have the experience needed to be the next sheriff.

If you've driven throughout St. Joseph County, you've seen the signs.

Redman, Thompson and Corbett are all vying for your vote.

Redman says throughout his 23 years in law enforcement, he's dedicated a lot of his time to leading other police and kids.

"My work with not only the youth but with community members and leaders throughout my time as a police officer, I think is very valuable and very important for the role of sheriff of St. Joe County," said Redman.

After 35 years of policing, Thompson says he's worked in every aspect of police work.

"I think that puts me at a very unique position to have a broader space not only of experience, but also training and education that makes me the best candidate,” said Thompson.

Corbett says his 43 years of being a leader within the South Bend Police and now as Metro Homicide commander makes him the one for the job.

“I think my record speaks for itself. You can like me or hate me but I’ve always been your cop. Anyone can call me anytime and I’ll take care of it,” said Corbett.

WSBT 22 asked each what their number one priority would be if they were sheriff.

Redman wants to build relationships.

“I believe that being actively involved and listening to what the concerns are of the community members to understand, first and most importantly, what the key issues are. I, as sheriff, don't want to make decisions on a day to day basis without knowing the facts of what are taking place and what the concerns are within the community,” said Redman.

Thompson hopes to gain trust between people and police.

“I want to make sure that the trust that we have with our community, with our neighborhoods, we have a really good basis right now, but I want to make sure that we can expand on that and we can build on that,” said Thompson.

Corbett wants to keep the streets safe.

"My number one priority is always going to be the safety and security of people but part of that is cutting the cancer out that needs to be cut out and if that's gangs that's what I’m going after,” said Corbett.

It's clear they all have a passion for St. Joseph County.

See the full interviews below:

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