Is your car ready for the winter?

As we head into the new year, one of your resolutions should be making sure your car is prepared for any type of weather.

Preparing your car for the winter could save you from getting into an accident. Jiffy Lube tells us they check your car for a list of things to make sure it is ready for winter weather.

They make sure your tires are full of air and have enough tire tread.

Jiffy Lube says if your tires aren't good, this could cause you to get into an accident.

Making sure your engine is staying at the proper operating temperature is also important.

You want to make sure your engine isn't overheating or freezing up, which could cause you break down on the road.

And they will also check your battery and windshield wipers.

These are a few of the items on your car mechanics will check to give it a full winterization.

Being prepared when you live in an area that usually gets a lot of snow is important.

Jiffy Lube says they will check your car for winter for free.

But depending on what your car needs...that cost will vary.

In case you do get stuck in the snow, here's a list of things you should keep in your car.

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