UPDATE: Missing Mishawaka man's case taken over by Elkhart County Homicide Unit

Missing Mishawaka man's case taken over by Elkhart County Homicide Unit // WSBT 22 Photo

The Elkhart County Homicide Unit is now investigating a missing person's case that started in Mishawaka.

John Hamby, 37, disappeared eight months ago. He was last seen on February 23.

Hamby told his parents he was spending the night with some friends.

Mishawaka police were investigating this case with no signs pointing to a crime.

Hamby is still considered a missing person, but the homicide unit has taken over the case since Hamby spent most of his time in Elkhart County.

"It's very difficult and you know you just keep going,” said Cordia Hamby, John's mother. “I have my very difficult days and I have days that I just go along."

When she spoke to WSBT on Wednesday, Cordia was wearing the same type of shirt John was wearing when he went missing.

She said she has new hope, since the homicide unit picked up his case.

"Really the major reason that we got it is because his residence was over in Mishawaka but some of the people, his dealings were in Elkhart County,” said Mark Daggy, commander of the Elkhart County Homicide Unit.

Cordia said she fears something happened to her son.

"I can't say from the beginning, but not long after I knew that something had to of happened to him. It was a matter of convincing other people just waiting, and waiting, and waiting until authorities actually started believing that and accepting that,” Cordia said.

Daggy says they'll have more hands on the case.

"We'll have like nine detectives, investigators looking at this and we're going to be more familiar with the players here in Elkhart County,” said Daggy.

Cordia is asking someone to come forward with information about her son.

"I miss him. I long for him. I don't know that I'll ever see him again. I just want to bring him home,” said Cordia.

There is now a $20,000 reward through Crime Stoppers for anyone who has information that would lead to him.

Hamby's mother and the Elkhart County Homicide Unit is asking for anyone to come forward with information about his whereabouts.

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