Kosciusko County area homeowners describe storm that caused damage


The Southern part of Kosciusko County saw storm damage as well.

Many roads were closed due to fallen trees and power lines.

At one time the area was under a tornado warning.

Homeowners in the Claypool area near Yellow Creek -- are still trying to figure out what happened.

Many homeowners were still assessing their damage shortly after the storm.

They say those minutes were terrifying.

“My heart was racing. When it got super windy and especially after I heard the thud,” said Karen Cusserow.

Cusserow was in her home when she heard the storm come through.

“It started getting windy enough where I went into one of the back bedrooms; which has a smaller window. And I just listen to the wind and it got stronger and stronger and I think I saw debris rotating a little bit out the window and then I heard a loud thud,” said Cusserow.

Cusserow came out and saw that a tree had landed on her home.

And several others were uprooted.

Down the street, homeowner Debbie Bullock says she was in her shower with her 3 dogs when the storm hit.

“I would peek out occasionally. The big tree in the front actually came up probably 20 feet off of the shoreline. It’s in my yard now. I was pretty scared. Probably a nine,” said Bullock.

Bullock says she's thankful the damage was minimal.

“All of the powerlines are down and the power box the electric box off of my house is off the house,” said Bullock.

Burket Fire Department were on scene to make sure people avoided the down power lines.

This tree right here took down a big part of the powerlines. We have at least three areas we’ve had to have fire departments respond to you separately. But as of right now everybody is safe. Powerlines are shut off so we are just waiting to find out what we need to do from our EMC to get these people get back to power and get back to traveling,” said Jonathan Lybarger.

Cusserow says severe storms usually miss her neighborhood, but not this time.

“Usually everything goes to the north or south of us but this time we took a hit,” said Cusserow.

First responders say there were no injuries reported.

They say it could take a few days to get the trees cleared and power restored.

Many homeowners I spoke with say it could have been worse.

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