La Porte County mail carrier accused of not delivering thousands of pieces of mail

La Porte County mail carrier accused of not delivering thousands of pieces of mail. // WSBT 22 photo

Many of us depend on the postal service to deliver critical information, but what happens if your mail carrier doesn't deliver?

In La Porte County, about 17,000 pieces of mail never made it to the intended destination.

WSBT 22 reported Tuesday night that there's now a warrant out for a former mail carrier's arrest.

Kristopher Block of LaPorte worked for the post office from 2015 to 2017.

In that time, court records obtained by WSBT 22 allege he didn't deliver thousands of pieces of mail. He's now facing charges of felony Official Misconduct and misdemeanor Theft.

Many days,the LaPorte Post Office is busy with mail coming in and out all day long.

According to court records, for about six months in late 2016 to early 2017, a lot of mail never made it to its destination.

Inclduing destinations like, longtime LaPorte resident, Wally Bass's home.

“At least two to three times a week, we wouldn't get no mail and I knew that we had mail that was supposed to come, bills and different stuff,” said Bass.

Court records show in February of 2017, tubs containing frozen mail were found in a ravine in New Buffalo.

Those pieces were tracked back to the LaPorte Post Office and, at the time, mail carrier Kristopher Block's assigned routes.

The documents say Block admitted to a detective with the post office that he paid a friend $50 to burn mail he didn't have time to deliver on a “regular basis.”

Bass says he's had things like worker's comp checks go missing.

“It's a crap-shoot whether you are going to get your mail or not," he said. "Finally, we just got tired of it and we got a P.O. box."

Records show, postal service special agents found 11,000 pieces of mail in tubs in New Buffalo and when those agents went to Block's home, they found about 6,000 more.

WSBT 22 also went to Block's home, but no one answered the door.

Bass says he's happy the mail was found. He hopes something like this doesn't happen again.

“I’d like to be able to have my mail delivered back to my house everyday where I don't have to pay for a P.O. box,” said Bass.

WSBT 22 spoke to an official from the U.S. Postal Service, Office of Inspector General who provided the following statement:

“The vast majority of U.S. Postal Service personnel are dedicated, hard-working public servants dedicated to moving mail to its proper destination who would never consider engaging in any form of criminal behavior. This type of alleged behavior within the Postal Service is not tolerated and when a postal employee betrays that trust of the American people, the special agents in the U.S. Postal Service, Office of Inspector General vigorously investigate these matters as we did in this instance and work with other law enforcement agencies and local, state and federal prosecutors to hold accountable those employees who violate that public trust. Anyone can contact the USPS OIG Hotline at 1-888-USPS-OIG (1-888-877-7644) or file a complaint online at to report alleged fraud, waste of funds or resources, mail theft and other postal crimes committed by postal employees or contractors.”

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