Lace up, tape up and drop the puck: South Bend and Mishawaka Firefighters play hockey


They've always got each other's back during an emergency, but Friday night, firefighters from the Mishawaka and South Bend Departments faced off.

The two departments competed in a friendly game of hockey. There's no trophy, no medals. Just bragging rights to say who's the champion of fire and ice.

"It's, it's pride. There's a lot of pride and that's sometimes better than a trophy,” said Todd Dickey, with Mishawaka.

Both teams have a mix of talent levels, including those who continue to play when they aren't out battling fires.

"We play once a week in the mornings, we all know each other. We know what to expect, but we never really played you know referee, clock, that kind of stuff,” said Mike Jamieson with South Bend.

Moments like these are special to these men.

"It's very rare that we get to get together, the departments, because we have our own functions. Whether it's our dinners for our retirees or Christmas parties and with our own guys. We don't get to see these guys outside of the work setting very often,” said Jamieson.

Before the game, both teams felt confident their team would win. In the end, they hope this is just the beginning.

“I hope that this is something that we can continue and have an annual thing. You know if not here at Merrifield, if it's Ice Box or Notre Dame. And you know hopefully we keep this going,” said Dickey.

"I'll just take a victory. A victory and a good time. That's always good. Everyone will be happy just to skate out here today,” said Nicola Decicco, with Mishawaka.

Both departments have had past softball games to help bring the two departments together, but it doesn't look like anyone will be getting a call from the Blakchawks anytime soon.

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