LaPorte man accused of creating and possessing child pornography

Eric Weiler // Photo provided

Eric Weiler, a 45-year-old from LaPorte, now faces federal child pornography charges and state charges of child molestation.

Back in September, he was accused of trying to blow up a neighbor's car right across the street from LaPorte High School.

While police searched Weiler's home for bomb-making material, they say the found a lot more -- evidence of child pornography.

"This case truly exemplifies and is a shining example, indeed, of the collaborative model envisioned by the national internet crimes against children program," said John Espar, LaPorte County prosecutor.

Monday's charges all started with LaPorte City police investigating Weiler for possibly making bombs.

"During the search, officers also discovered evidence of child pornography and graphic messages about sexual intercourse with small children," said U.S. Attorney Thomas Kirsch.

Police say those messages were written on walls in a vacant house next to Weiler's home.

They asked where to acquire a young girl, preferably a newborn, for sexual contact.

Officers also found eight computers and dozens of hard drives and SD cards with thousands of pictures and 80 videos.

"The child pornography included videos produced by Mr. Weiler of him engaging in various sex acts with a child under the age of 12 years," said Kirsch.

A child pornography charge carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years.

If he's convicted, Weiler could be behind bars for a long time.

"If you look at the maximum amount for each crime he is probably looking at somewhere over 75 years maximum if you add the counts together, but that's not really the way the guidelines work in practice." said Kirsch.

Locally, Weiler is also facing an attempted murder charge and three counts of child molesting.

The prosecutor says those carry a sentence of 20 to 50 years each.

Both Espar and Kirsch agree, teamwork got these charges filed.

"Crimes committed against children are particularly heinous. Children are among the most innocent victims. This case exemplifies how local and federal law-enforcement agencies and state and federal prosecutors’ offices work together to investigate and prosecute cases involving children." said Kirsch.

Weiler is in the La Porte County jail Monday.

Kirsch says he expects U.S. Marshalls to take him into federal custody Tuesday.

Then Weiler should have his first appearance in federal court sometime this week.

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