UPDATE: South Bend sinkhole could take two weeks to repair

Sinkhole in the area of a construction project on E. Indiana Ave. in South Bend // WSBT 22 photo

A sink hole in South Bend could take nearly two weeks to repair.

A city spokesperson says the hole is about 10-15 feet wide and deep.

It was found Monday morning in the 900 block of E. Indiana Ave, just feet from Bowman Creek.

A six-foot wide sewer pipe broke about 25 feet underground. That caused the ground on top to cave in.

The Public Works Director, Eric Horvath, says they repair the old pipes each year, but this is not an uncommon break.

"One those old lines that happens and the ground water is infiltrating bringing dirt in with it. Which causes those voids,” said Horvath.

The pipe is more than 100-years-old.

Horvath says the weekend rain probably didn't have much effect on the deep pipe.

South Bend received almost four inches of rain on Saturday.

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