League of Women Voters urges women to become more politically active

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The number of women running for office is record-breaking this year.

More and more women are becoming politically active.

The League of Women Voters says it's more important than ever to have your voice heard.

The League of Berrien Springs and Cass County met tonight (Thursday) for an educational forum. Members went over Michigan's three ballot proposals that will be on every voter's ballot in November.

The League says casting an informed vote is key to making the community a better place.

We're less than a month away from the November election, and knowing the issues on your ballot is important.

That's why the League of Women Voters is making it easier for people to have an informed opinion.

“We feel it’s very important for voters to be informed and in the know,” said Paula Manley, League of Women Voters. “That’s why this a pro and con educational presentation. We want to make sure that voters have enough information to make an informed decision.”

The three proposals on the Michigan ballot include the legalization of recreational marijuana, establishing a citizen's redistricting committee and securing voting rights.

“We want people to be registered to vote,” said Manley. “We want them to exercise their voice and to be informed and be able to participate in our democracy.”

Manley stood at the podium sharing the pros and cons of each proposal. She says it's important for everyone to hold an opinion, especially women.

“We want our voices heard,” said Manley. “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

Hillary Lagatutta has been a part of the League of Women Voters for years.

She says one vote may not make a difference but collectively it will.

“I think women participate in that process better than men,” said Lagattuta. “I think they are a little more emotionally involved with their communities. They feel that tie to things.”

Lagattuta says with the recent women movements happening around the country, women's votes are essential for democracy.

“I do think there will probably be a great turnout in the fall,” said Lagattuta, “but just because you feel like it’s going to happen doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to.”

The League of Women Voters wants to remind everyone to cast their vote on November 6th.

For more election information, click here.

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