'Barber to the stars' cuts hair of Notre Dame players who have gone pro, current players

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    Julio Rodriguez is a licensed barber working in South Bend.

    If you haven't heard of him by name, you probably know his work. He made news because of his ties to the Fighting Irish.

    One of Rodriguez's haircuts went viral during the College Football Playoffs back in December: Tyler Newsome, the Notre Dame punter with the unforgettable mullet.

    Rodriguez began giving haircuts to the Notre Dame men's basketball team a few years ago. His workspace is his parent's basement.

    Then he caught on with the football team. Now, former Notre Dame players who have gone pro fly him around the country to cut their hair.

    "If someone would ask me, ‘Yo, Can you cut hair? Are you pretty good?’” said Rodriguez. “I’ll be like, I mean I’ve gotten flown out for it, so I think I’m pretty good. That’s just what I kind of tell them. If someone’s flying me out for it, I’ve got to be doing something good.”

    During the 2017 football season, Notre Dame players packed his house one night. The media was in town for a big game and the players wanted to look their best the next day. Rodriguez was cutting hair until 2 a.m.

    “It was like before media days. Before they all needed their haircut before media. So they didn’t care about it. They were like ‘Yeah, we need our hair cut,’” said Rodriguez.

    In the two years since, some things have changed. He still cuts hair for the men's basketball and football teams, but now he does it at the team facilities on campus.

    Not bad for someone who has always loved cutting hair.

    “I would say about since my freshman year of high school for sure. I was just starting to like cut my own hair. And so I started getting really good at it. And so I started practicing on everybody else,” said Rodriguez.

    Rodriguez has his favorite cut: two on the sides and scissors on top because they're quick.

    But he doesn't just work with Notre Dame players -- he's also cut hair for the homeless.

    “It was in Mishawaka somewhere,” said Rodriguez. “But we went up to him and we were like ‘Man you want a haircut?’ Just on a Sunday afternoon. And we ended up cutting his hair and it looked really cool. I was like, ‘Yo this is definitely dope.’ I put it on my Snapchat.”

    He made the news for that, too.

    Signatures like Quenton Nelson and VJ Beachem cover the walls of his basement.

    Though it's provided some great memories, Rodriguez doesn't want to work from his parents’ basement forever. His goal is to open his own barbershop in the near future.

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