Hydroponics store talks about increase in business now that marijuana is legal in Michigan

Hydroponics store talks about increase in business now that marijuana is legal in Michigan. // WSBT 22 photo

Recreational marijuana is now legal for people over the age of 21 in Michigan, and local businesses are celebrating.

A hydroponics store actually organized a party. The party began at 3 and will continue until after 6 Thursday night.

People are celebrating that Adult Use Marijuana is now legal in Michigan, something many of them say they thought would never happen.

“I’ve been told that it’s bad all my life,” said Shawn Sharrer, who grows marijuana.

Sharrer says he’s happy all Michigan residents can now grow their own marijuana.

“It’s easier to try and grow it yourself so you know what’s being put in the product,” said Sharrer.

Some Niles businesses are set to make a profit.

“This is a great opportunity to show off all the colors and all the different dynamics to an LED grow light,” said Matt Johnson, CEO Lush Lighting.

Johnson says now that recreational weed is legal, he’s had a lot of interest in his products from people of all ages.

“And we have that range all the way into the senior crowd,” said Johnson. “Some of them come in with a lot of questions. Same kind of thing - excited. This is something that they’ve wanted to do for many years, and now get the opportunity and look forward to being able to do so.”

But says with the new law, those that do decide to use recreationally have a big responsibility.

“We don’t want mistakes,” said Johnson. “We don’t want people out there giving it a bad rep or a bad name. So all we ask is that people be responsible now that this is recreational. And to show the community that this is good for everyone.”

Marijuana users are glad it’s now out in the open.

“It’s not something being hidden behind closed doors anymore,” said Sharrer.

Even though marijuana is now legal in Michigan and some stores sell supplies to grow it, you can’t actually buy marijuana or the seeds to plant it. Those will only be available from businesses that receive licenses from the state.

That’s not expected to happen until sometime in 2020.

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