Local man says he survived violent motorcycle crash because of protective gear

A local man says he survived a violent motorcycle crash because of his protective gear. // WSBT 22 photo

Extremely lucky, that is how a local man is describing himself after surviving a violent motorcycle crash.

It happened over the weekend in Marshall County.

He walked away from the crash with minor injuries and he says there is only one reason he lived.

Janse Griffith is alive Wednesday morning to tell us. He says it is because of what he was wearing that he survived.

Griffith is 32-years-old and he will live to see 33.

He was driving his sports bike along US 6 just outside Nappanee on Saturday when the SUV in front of him turned into his path.

He was thrown from his bike. The bike rammed into another SUV, but Griffith's body slid on the ground.

He was wearing a helmet, a motorcycle jacket and gloves. All of that gear is scraped up and ripped Wednesday morning.

But Griffith and police say he is alive because he was wearing it.

“The helmet as you can see when I smacked my head, I ground my helmet on the ground for quite a few feet. It is ground down about half inch up here, took all my paint off up here," said Griffith.

We asked him, "If a road can do that to a hard plastic helmet. What would it have done to your head?"

Griffith responded, "Hamburger. That’s all I can say is hamburger."

Griffith has a minor fracture to his shoulder and a broken pinky. He also has a scrape on his knee. But that is it.

He was doing around 50 miles an hour when the crash happened.

“My gloves, I don’t have any scrapes of bruises on my hands because my gloves took all of that to it. The plates in it kept most my knuckles fine. The only injury that I have is from the side of my hand hit the road when I fell going 55 miles per hour. Jacket took a lot of scrapes and the plates in it held up the impact. Very minor fracture to my shoulder and a broken pinky is what I am walking away with,” said Griffith.

His advice for other riders? Always wear your gear.

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