Local staff member inspires young students through his jaw-dropping singing talent

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A local staff member is inspiring young people at a South Bend Community School.

He's doing that by sharing a special talent: singing.

You can usually hear Wesley Lee singing at church on Sunday, but it was a video posted on social media that surprised students at Dickinson Fine Arts Academy.

He has only been part of the administrative staff at Dickinson Fine Arts Academy for a few months, but he's already made a big impression.

“He’s fun, he’s exciting, and when someone’s being bad, he knows how to tell them ‘You need to chill,’” said Zakiyah Walker, 7th grade student.

He can be firm but funny. Lee also has a flair for music.

It's not uncommon for Lee to start singing in a hallway or classroom. With almost 10 years of experience working in education, he loves working with kids.

“I love the fact that you get the opportunity to shape our future,” said Lee. “Shape our young minds and get them prepared for their next stage of life.”

This video of Lee singing the Star-Spangled Banner at Washington High School has been viewed more than 2,000 times.

He says he didn't know he was being recorded.

“I had no idea,” said Lee. “I started getting calls like ‘Hey, I saw you on Facebook singing’ and I said what?

Some students saw the performance in person.

“I didn’t think he could sing,” said Lorionna Burdine, 7th grade student. “I was like ‘Wow! He’s really good!’”

After hearing him for the first time, Zakiyah Walker thinks Lee should be famous.

Lee says he's been singing ever since he can remember, with the talent allowing him to express himself.

He hopes to inspire that same confidence in his students, and if a record deal is on the table, that would be nice too.

“DJ Khaled, come holla at me,” said Lee. “You all want to produce a record we’ll get it going. You know, I’m with it.”

Lee says the future is bright for Dickinson. He calls the students 'world shapers'.

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