Local students learned about possible careers in RV manufacturing

Students in Elkhart learn about the RV industry // WSBT 22

Some elementary students took part in field trip that came to them.

A local RV company gave them a close up look at the latest models. The long term goal is to connect kids with possible careers in RV manufacturing.

Bristol elementary students went on a field trip to their back parking lot.

Thor industries brought in several RV's, providing kids a close up look. The company is working to create a greater awareness about the RV industry.

Their program is part history, current events and economics about RV manufacturing.

“I think the big thing about reaching out to kids, especially at this level, is they don't understand that this is all American made product. It’s all based right here in their hometown. I don't think kids realize that our whole entire community is kind of built out of this RV industry,” said Thor Motor Coach Jon Krider.

Visits like this can show youngsters that a career in the RV industry is possible.

"As we all know there's a major shortage of workers, especially for the RV industry. So we need to help our students understand, what they've got coming in the future, as potential career choices,” said Assistant Principal Jennifer Hinman.

Now some students here know that RV's are made in this area, some have never been inside an RV before. Some have parents who work in the RV industry, or did previously and some parents who own an RV.

“I like RV's because you can stay in them and they are not like, you can move around in them too, so they are not in one spot all the time,” said Zachary Evans, sixth grader.

"My parents both use to work in the RV business. I asked them what they did. I think its important to learn about RV's because when you get older, you, that could be a job opportunity, or a way of living, or like, if you trying to be, trying to work in the RV business,” said Makenah Romanetz, sixth grader.

Bristol Elementary is one of five Elkhart schools that Thor Industries will visit this week.

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