Local teens encourage hospital patients with handwritten letters


Two local teens with huge hearts are working to help hospital patients feel better in a unique way.

For many patients, a hospital stay can be weeks and those who don't have daily visitors are now receiving encouragement through words.

Two Penn High School students are bringing hope to patients during their biggest time of need through their club handwritten hearts.

Emma Moon and Morgan Ludwig spend hours each month writing letters -- not to friends or family, but to strangers.

"We write cards to hospital patients and bring little goody bags to children in the pediatric ward," explained Emma.

The girls, who are juniors at Penn High School, belong to a club called Handwritten Hearts.

"At the end of each card we write, know that we are keeping a special place in our heart for you," said Emma.

Once a month they pass out dozens of cards and smiles to patients throughout St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

"There was a patient and she seemed a little sad, about to fall asleep, when I walked in and we explained what we were here for and her face lit up and she got really excited and began to tell us her whole life story," said Morgan.

Emma says all the hours of time and effort are worth it when you see a patient open the card.

"They don't always see many guests, so just seeing us really makes them happy it's just a really rewarding feeling," she said.

Both Emma and Morgan wish they could take all the pain away for patients, one word at a time.

"Strength and encouragement and we want them to have a good day."

The girls are hoping Handwritten Hearts will take off and other school clubs will be formed throughout the country. They are in the process of creating a website for future volunteers.

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