Former Notre Dame coach fondly remembers former President George H.W. Bush

A former Notre Dame coach fondly remembers former President George H.W. Bush. // WSBT 22 photo

In the hours before his funeral, many are looking back at the life and legacy of President George H.W. Bush.

At Notre Dame, there are fond memories of his commencement address in 1992.

His speech is not the only notable moment that day. There were some far more memorable moments for the university’s former head volleyball coach, Debbie Brown.

While manning the halls of the Joyce Center before the ceremony, she encountered the president on his way to the restroom.

She asked him “How are you doing?”

As he passed by he paused and said “About a 6.”

The president left and came back smiling and Brown said to him “You’ve got to be doing better now!”

He nodded and chuckled then went back to his waiting room ahead of his address.

After commencement was over, they ran into each other again in the hall, then outside.

“And he caught my eye with his program in his hand he rolled it up and stuck it under his arm,” said Brown. “And he looked at me and gave me a 10 and so I gave him a thumbs up. Shortly before he was getting ready to get in limousine, he saw me again kind of in the crowd and he motioned for me to come over to him. I’m kind of looking around and going all like, he said, ‘No, no come on over.’ So I went over and he reached into his pocket and he pulled out a presidential lapel pin and he handed it to me. And he shook my hand and he said I just want to thank you for being so friendly.”

Brown told me that experience showed her that the president was down to earth and cares about people.

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