Elkhart County: Long lines cause delay in counting votes


Votes in Elkhart County were counted much later than election officials would have liked.

Part of it had to do with long lines of voters when the polls closed.

Election officials took down the voting equipment at vote centers around the county today, in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.

While voting was going on during the day, election officials were already busy counting other votes.

Most of the vote centers had ten touch screen machines. Three had 12.

Each one uses a memory card to tabulate the votes.

As a result the first vote center did not report until seven.

They had hoped to wrap up everything no later than nine, but didn't finish until midnight.

She says there were no reports of any problems with the voting machines.

Hudson says roughly 51 percent of registered voters cast ballots in Elkhart County.

That's not a record, 60 percent voted in the presidential election in 2008.

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