Man accused of murdering Goshen college professor appears in court for first time

Winston Earl Corbett // Photo provided

23-year-old Winston Corbett is accused of murdering a Goshen College professor in 2011.

The Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office is releasing few details about why he's the suspect.

He had his first court appearance today. He's charged with murder and attempted murder.

The probable cause documents are still sealed, and it caused the entire case to go dark in the system.

Corbett's own defense attorney did not have access to any documents related to this case.

The judge says it will be fixed but admitted the bug in the system could keep the case dark to the rest of the public until trial.

Corbett's family and friends in the courtroom told us they are frustrated they do not know more about why he is accused.

Prosecutor Vicki Becker told us she doesn't care if people are upset. She says only Corbett is entitled to all the details about what prosecutors think happened in 2011 before the case goes to trial.

She previously said in a news conference that new science and lab results were the reason Corbett was charged but would not elaborate on what kind of results.

In the judge's order, sealing the documents it says releasing them would cause harm to the ongoing investigation and possibly cause harm to witnesses.

Becker says the details will come out in trial.

That's set for March.

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