Man arrested after chase was wanted for charges in Indiana and Michigan

Blatz // Photo provided

A man is in jail and now could face charges in both Indiana and Michigan.

Michigan State Police arrested 44-year-old Anthony Blatz Wednesday.

They say a trooper recognized the car wanted out of Indiana, and tried to stop him in Van Buren County.

They say at Blatz had called someone to pick him up. and that's who was apparently driving.

"The vehicle pulled over and the individual that was driving it stopped, but the suspect then pushed that driver out of the vehicle, got into it from the back seat and then fled the scene," said Sgt. Chuck Christensen.

The second person, who is believed to be Blatz's wife, was also arrested.

Both are expected to face several felony charges in connection to the chase.

Blatz already faces several charges in St. Joseph County, Indiana, including failure to appear and probation violation.

He's expected to face charges in Michigan for fleeing and hit-and-run.

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