Marshall County family suffers fire and flood in the same year


First it was fire and then came the rain. One Marshall County family just can't catch a break.

A fire left their home a total loss back in June, and the recent flooding swept away all the work from the initial recovery.

And this time there's no insurance to cover their losses.

Rebuilding and rebuilding

Nicole Hickey and her family are rebuilding their home for the second time since June.

The flooded Yellow River ruined months of hard work they put into recovering from the fire that heavily damaged their home this past summer.

'You know, seeing this happen, it was like another fire. It was like another thing being taken away from us," said Nicole Hickey.

Hickey lives just two blocks away from the Yellow River and had flood insurance until the area was rezoned in 2011, deeming it a low flood risk area.

Hickey says this took away their option to continue having flood insurance.

Insurance agent Gregory Weiss says otherwise...

"Most carriers will offer flood insurance for even small risk of flood. So they should be able to get it, yes."

...But Hickey says she has done her research and that isn't the case.

"Every time that I have called different insurance companies -- I've had family and friends call their insurance companies -- and everyone says the exact same thing, If you are not in a flood plain you are not offered flood insurance."

Hickey says her whole neighborhood is angry since the rezoning prohibited them from having insurance.

"Now If you want flood insurance, you can go through a third party," Hickey says. "Go through hoops and loops and everything else, and pay a substantial amount of money that nobody has after paying for everything else that you have. But you're not told that."

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