Mary Feeser Elementary School library gets special dedication


A new library is being dedicated to a special teacher at a local elementary school.

Wednesday night's ceremony at Mary Feeser Elementary in Elkhart reunited a class of sixth graders from the 1960’s.

They helped raise enough money to honor their former teacher, Nancy Gard.

For this group of alumni -- she was a coach, best friend and even a bridesmaid!

As time passed things have definitely changed but their love for their teacher has not.

"The theme of the library is climb every mountain and it's an homage to Larry and Nancy's annual trips to Colorado,” said Feeser Alumni, Lora Minichillo.

This new library has everything a road trip calls for-- the bonfire, the picnic table and even the camper!

Students at Feeser are taken into a different world when they walk through the door.

But to the alumni who came back, it meant a lot more than just a new place to read. It reminded them of what their sixth grade teacher, Nancy Gard told them-- to climb every mountain no matter what.

“She was always positive, always encouraging. She was very supportive,” said Minichillo.

The message was built into the school by the hands of Nancy's husband and grandson. They too wanted to honor the woman that touched so many lives.

Nancy now has her own mountain to climb -- Alzheimer's. But her students are with her every step of the way and their making sure nobody forgets her legacy.

"I want them to know as Nancy has climbed her mountains, you can climb your own mountains. You can work hard. You can forge ahead,” said Minichillo.

Now kids for generations can have this space to learn and be reminded that their mountain is waiting too.

Nancy was honored with the outstanding educator in America award during her time at Feeser. Her whole family was in attendance at the ceremony as well.

The alumni, with help from the school was able to raise $23,000.

This is part of the "Living Libraries" campaign that looks to renovate all 14 Elkhart libraries.

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