Mayor Buttigieg makes appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Photo: CBS

    South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg made a guest appearance on The Stephen Colbert show late Thursday night.

    When he was asked what qualifies as a national emergency, Mayor Buttigieg called on his past experience declaring emergencies in South Bend.

    "Let me tell you about two times we had to active the emergency center in South Bend,” said Buttigieg. “They were 18 months apart. One was for a thousand-year flood, and one was for--what we were told-- a 500-year flood. Which either means I have preposterous, or we have a problem with climate change. It's not just happening at the north pole, it is happening in communities like mine. That's an emergency."

    Buttigieg also tweeted about the border wall Thursday:

    On The Stephen Colbert show, Buttigieg also talked about how he could possibly be the youngest president in American history and his qualifications and experience for a possible run for president next year.

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